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"One of the most interesting and brilliant concept albums I’ve heard in some time... Darksoft’s clever lyrics inspired by each of the computer viruses, his beautiful melodies, outstanding guitar work, first-rate production values, and stunning vocals." - Eclectic Music Lover Blog

"The emotional vacuum supplied by his single ‘Mydoom’ makes you want to go dive off into the deepest end of the pool" - comeherefloyd


  • #21 on NACC charts for Adds for the week ending on Nov 22th 2019

  • College / Commercial Radio: KEXP, Radio Boise, KZAX, KBFG, 3WK, Radio UTD - Dallas, WSKR / Spinnaker Radio , 

  • Online Radio: DKFM, Big Indie Giant, Sound Street Radio

  • KZAX

  • KBFG

  • Radio Boise

  • Big Indie Giant

  • Sound Street Radio

  • Quasar

  • Radio Deeside

  • Sound Radio Wales

  • Valley Radio (Canada)

  • 920 WON: The Apple (New York)

  • Grey Cloud Radio (US)

  • Lonely Oak Radio, 

  • & many others

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