"Filled with the psych-synth sounds, infectious melodic progressions and ‘90s rock undertones." - V13


Darksoft is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, creating dreamy alternative rock sounds. To date, Darksoft has released a few albums: Cryo (2022), Meltdown (2020), and Brain (2018). Darksoft is originally from Seattle and recently moved to Portland, Maine.

In constant limbo between digital futurism and watery introspection, Darksoft naturally materializes as a half cyber-auteur, half lo-fi indie poet; a sensitive mastermind poised to haunt your digital and emotional mainframes.


Lush with infectious melodic progressions, 90’s rock undertones, and deftly executed vocals, Darksoft embraces the aesthetic of alternative pop-rock anthems. Darksoft tends to get sorta conceptual —  for example, his sophomore album Meltdown is communicated through the language of computer viruses, algorithms, and human emotion pure enough to pass the Turing Test. 

"Lyrics inspired by computer viruses, beautiful melodies, outstanding guitar work, and stunning vocals" - Eclectic Music Lover Blog


Darksoft loves to support other musicians too. Outside of writing his own music, he manages Look Up Records, a small independent music label that sometimes arranges events, like Look Up Fest.